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Clear out and toss out your extra junk & trash at your own pace with our Pasadena dumpster rental services. Servicing all of Los Angeles County.
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Looking For A Pasadena Dumpster Rental Service?

Do you have a little too much junk lying around that needs to go?

Want to clear out clutter but don't have a place to toss it?

Do you have a home improvement project your working on and need to rent a dumpster for the clean-up?

Have questions on how dumpster rentals in Pasadena work?

Do you need time to go through your junk and need the convenience of have a dumpster rental?

Don't have a truck or trailer to haul away your junk on your own?

Why Choose Us

We Make It Easy

We make dumpster rentals In Pasadena easy. We drop off the dumpster, you load it up, and then we haul it away. We offer a variety of dumpster sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. And we're always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do It Yourself

If you're looking to remove junk yourself, this is a much easier solution than renting a truck and taking multiple trips to the dump. We also offer discounts for extended time needed on dumpster rentals. So if you have a lot of junk to get rid of, give us a call!

Hassle Free Service

We do our best to make things as easy and hassle free as possible. We drop of your dumpster at the spot that will work best for you. You then fill it up, give us a call when you're are done, we take of the dumping for you. Fast and simple.

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Items You Can Dispose With Our Pasadena Dumpster Rental Service

Construction Debris Removal Burbank

Construction Debris Removal

Construction debris removal is a necessary service for any construction or demolition project. It's important to have a place to dispose of the unwanted materials from your site in an efficient manner G&S Junk Removal has got just what you need with our dumpster rental service. Load it up and we will haul it.

Furniture Removal Arcadia

Property Clean-Up

If you're planning a property clean-up, whether it's for a move-out or hoarder situation, dumpster rentals are a great solution. Not only do they provide an efficient way to get rid of junk and debris, but they also save you from having to haul everything to the dump yourself.

Yard Waste

Dumpster rentals are perfect for any type of yard debris and landscape clean-up. We have a wide variety of dumpsters that are perfect for any job, big or small. Whether you're doing a simple clean-up or a complete landscaping overhaul, we have a dumpster that will fit your needs.

Dumpster rental in Pasadena

Basic Junk Removal

If you're looking for a dumpster rental, our team can help. We provide dumpster rentals for those who need to remove basic junk from their homes or businesses. With our dumpsters, you can take your time and work on your own schedule. We'll deliver the dumpster to you and pick it up when you're done. Our dumpsters are clean and easy to use, so you can focus on getting the job done.


Dumpster rentals provide a convenient and flexible way to donate items that are no longer needed or used. You can use dumpster rentals at your own time and schedule, making it easy to donate items when it is most convenient for you. dumpster rentals also allow you to donate items that are difficult to transport, such as large furniture or appliances.

Commercial Junk removal Pasadena

Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial dumpster rental services are perfect for businesses that need to dispose of large amounts of waste. Whether you're clearing out old inventory or getting rid of office furniture, a dumpster rental can make the job much easier. Just fill it up and we'll take care of the rest. With our commercial dumpster rental service, you can keep your business running smoothly without having to worry about disposing of waste yourself.

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How Our Dumpster Rental Process Works

Contact Us

Give us a quick call and get in touch with us. Contact by phone, text, or email form on our website.

How Much Junk?

Let us know how much junk you will need to dispose of so we can suggest the perfect size dumpster for the job. (Includes 2000lbs of trash)

We Give You A Quote

We will give you a FREE, and no-obligation quote on our dumpster rental pricing. (Extra pricing on concrete & tile)

We Deliver Dumpster

We deliver a dumpster or truck dump to your address and you fill it with trash/junk. We pick it up once you are done and haul it away.

Easy Drop-Offs


Load At Your Pace

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